Magical Birds is a game made for my Software Engineering course during my Summer 2019 semester. I worked with three group members over 3 months, while also under a 16-hour courseload, to create this game with 4 levels. My tasks primarily included creating the Player & enemies (including the boss cat on level 4), as well as creating the first and third levels. The game was designed to be playable on both web and desktop, and has partial controller support.  I'd personally recommend playing levels 1 and 4!

Many of the tiling assets belong to Kenney:  Check out his stuff, it's amazing!

Many other assets were also not created by me. It's been a while since I made this game, and I've lost track of where I got those assets from, including the music - if you recognize anything, please help me add my references in the comments! We worked hard to make sure everything was royalty-free, so I don't expect that'll be an issue.

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